Geopex Products (Europe) B.V. formerly operating under the name of Gouderak B.V. of Gouderak, The Netherlands was founded in 1957 when it started the trading in reeds and reed products for the civil engineering market. Their products were particularly used for erosion protection along the banks of rivers and canals and in coastal defense works. Later on the Company started the production of and trade in garden wood and log cabins. With these products the Company is a leading player in todayís Do-It-Yourself market in Europe.


In the early sixties Gouderak BV was one of the pioneers who started the development of synthetic geotextiles as a replacement for the natural products like reeds and brushwood. Under the Dutch Delta Scheme an extensive research and development program was carried out which contributed† significantly to the present widespread acceptance of geotextiles as a valuable construction material.















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The importance of the geotextile activities of Gouderak B.V. in Holland as well as in various other parts of the world such as the Middle East, South East Asia and Africa took shape on

1st January 2001 in the founding GEOPEX PRODUCTS (EUROPE) B.V. also based at Gouderak.


Over the years geosynthetics have been developed into a fully accepted and highly appreciated range of products for civil engineering applications. Now the designer, the consultant and the engineer can choose from a factory-made standard range of products like woven, non-woven, grids, membranes and composites produced from a variation of raw materials, each with their specific characteristics.

Geotextiles are providing a great freedom to designers in the creation of infrastructural projects for which these products often form a sound and durable foundation.


GEOPEX PRODUCTS (EUROPE) B.V. have made their way into the geotextile world of today by product innovation, research and development of new constructions and applications and by manufacturing taylor-made solutions for the end user. Assistance in the design stage of projects and on-site training of contractorís personnel and consultantís supervisors has often been included in our supply contracts.†